Hammerhead 2018

I haven’t attended a wargames show in over 8 years so to run a participation game at a popular well attended show was both exciting and daunting at the same time. The show was originally scheduled for the first week in March but due to significant snow fall it was cancelled at the last minute and rescheduled for 28th April.

I had volunteered my services to John and Vanguard Miniatures to help raise awareness of both his range of miniatures in particular to showcase his 3mm “Dominion Wars” miniatures and rules which are in development stage. Plans started taking shape just after Christmas and were just about ready by the end of February. The rescheduling did give some breathing space for some much needed play-testing of the rules.

Having travelled up from London the night before I arrived early and busied myself setting up.

Dominion Wars Setup Video

The doors opened at 10.00am with a crowd of gamers already waiting. Once everyone had done the initial tour of games and traders the table started getting interest with the first game kicking off around 10.40am. Luckily my helper for the day Richard Laking arrived in time so we could alternate between running the game and answering questions from interested on lookers. Time then just went and it was gone three o’clock before we managed to raise are heads.  Managing two full games we received positive feedback from all, enjoying the quick play mechanics together with gamer interaction. And of course much admiration for the miniatures.

We even had a visit from the Terrain Tutor you can check out his video on the side bar our table is at 37:06 minutes.

As the rules are still in play-testing it will not be appropriate for me to do a detailed review of mechanics as these may well change. I will do a detailed overview at a later stage. In the meantime you can download the Quick Play rules at Vanguard Miniatures   and get involved in the open development of the Beta rules at the Dominion Wars Facebook page

Thanks goes to Mike Salwey for his support and providing opposing forces. Great painted mini’s. And also to Richard Laking for coming along and helping me run the games and talk to potentially new Dominionators.


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